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02. Social bookmarking as marketing tool

The social bookmarking is a method of storing and organizing the bookmarks of the internet. This will help the users to remember web links they think useful to revisit or share.To most, included me, this tool was a simple way in organizing websites and links you want to use again in the future. After searching though and some reading on the topic, I started to understand that the use of bookmarks is not that simple as it looks. 

According to Scott Lindsay “on sites where bookmarking is allowed this feature is often divided a second time. In this kind of site environment visitors can see who you have bookmarked or selected as friends, but they can also see how many others have chosen to bookmark your site”

In order to understand better this procedure Lindsay explains that there are also some inner site rakings which count the popularity of your site by the number of the users have bookmarked your site. So as far as, I can realize social bookmarking is a method of creating a network of your friends, family and interested guests. By bookmarking the sites are organized by tags with relevance order by subjects and bookmarks popularity.

Actually is a different way for the internet user to find what he is looking for. According to Mercedes Aspland, “search engines rank their result by using a computer program. However social bookmarking sites will rank their sites on popularity, so how useful they are to the user. This will enable you to find the most useful sites in a certain topic as determined by other web users.”

As we cleared how social bookmarking is used lets emphasize in the opportunities using bookmarking in online marketing. Considering having a business website or a blog, the more bookmarks you have the more visible is your site or blog for the internet users who are searching topics relevant with your website or blog tags. .

On the idea of search engines, it is also worth thinking that the more links you have from social bookmarking sites the more popular your site. This says to the search engines that you are more important and so they will take this into account when raking your site.
Also think about the traffic that these sites get and the people that will see your links. You can get valuable traffic coming to your site directly from the social bookmarking websites if you are posting your links accurately.

To conclude, social bookmarking is one promising way to market you business online and to make your website or blog popular.


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