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Hey! Are you a blogger? You can have your own original American badge!

I firstly have to apologize for my inactiveness the past few weeks, due the Easter holidays and other course obligations. I am now back active to the blogosphere to moot a great debate is held lately.

Tim O’Reilly, the founder of the O’Reilly Media and credit to be the creator of the term Web 2.0 and Jimmy Wales the co-founder and the promoter of Wikipedia created recently a code of principles to shape the online discussion. The whole discussion of creating such thing was driven by the death threats against blogger Kathy Sierra, author of popular blog Create passionate users. The incident raised issues of how women are treated online.

O’Reilly stated at BBC radio live that it could be time to formalize blogging behaviour and added that “I do think we need some code of conduct around what is acceptable behaviour, I would hope that it doesn’t come through any kind of [legal/government] regulation it would come through self-regulation”.

The “Draft bloggers’ code of conduct” was posted at the O’Reilly’s company blog and is accompanied with a badge that sites can display if they want to link to the code of conduct.
The post received more than 300 comments with contradictory views of the code of conduct and the badge. Many bloggers have opposed to the post as they believed so, that a badge could not itself persuade million of bloggers to follow the same route on how they behave in an area which is supposed to be embracing free speech.

Indeed a code of conduct like this would diminish the free speech, which made blogosphere so popular at the begging. Tim O’Reilly and the supporters of the bloggers code of conduct argue that would empower the civility of the blogosphere users, but in many bloggers point of view the only succeed is the suppression and control of the whole area.

As a woman I totally sympathize and understand the issues raised by Kathy Sierra and similar incidents, but as a blogger I do appreciate the power web gives to speak freely and exchange ideas with no rules and badges to restrict your thoughts. As Robert Cox the president of the Media Bloggers Association stated “I don’t see it as practical in any way and it misses the point in both what is important and what is going to work”


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Did you switch your lights off?

Have you participated on the Earth hour event?

Earth Hour is a global event organized by WWF and is held on the last Saturday of March annually. It is a worldwide request to households and businesses to turn off their non-essential lights and other electrical appliances for one hour. The purpose of the event is to raise awareness towards the need to take action on climate change.

The event was conceived in Sidney at 2007 and since then it is happening every year with increasing participation and success.

On its first year, 2007, only Sidney was actually carrying across Earth Hour. After only two years, 88 countries and about 4000 cities switched off their lights, supporting the need for action on saving our environment.

But how all these people got informed about the event? Is it only through the conventional media?

Through a quick web research I found thousands websites, communities and blogs referring to the event.

But let’s see more closer; there is earth hour website and the WWF’s website referring to the event , and the Earth hour pages on MySpace, Flicker, Facebook and Twitter.

Then looking in Google blog search there are 11,533,980 refers to earth hour and Wikipedia has a page explaining what Earth hour is.

So that’s an impressing example of the web power I was mentioning in one of my previous posts. That’s a good way to use this power by contributing to common good.


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06. Design your car

Have you ever search for your dream car on the web? I did last night and it came up to be a really fun procedure! The most car corporations, official websites have created an interactive process to engage the buyer with his preference car. Visiting the website of both Alfa Romeo and Fiat had a build my car version. Clicking that option you can actually build your car, by selecting your options for the car, from the engine to the colour and the interior styling. On your screen it the car comes up and during the process it changes according your orders. It’s fascinating that you start feeling engaged with the car. You can actually see how will be your car if you ever buy it. Alongside with that procedure, at the bottom of the screen the have the sum of money you are going to pay, which every time you add another option, it adds it at the final sum. At the end you come up with your car as you wanted and the final sum you are going to pay if you buy it. Another evidence of how great corporations have realized the need of a different approaching to the costumer. Through web created a virtual buying process, in order to make the costumer feel interactive and more engaged with the company and the car itself. New media are the answer of creating a virtual environment more profitable for every company. Another impressing point I came up in the Alfa Romeo website was a virtual rally game, which can actually “play” your car. By this I mean that Alfa Romeo created a contest in which the costumer with the best times on the rally game wins the Alfa Romeo car he is playing with. I have to admit that Alfa Romeo communications and marketing team have thought it really well, as the targeting group they are aiming to be males in young age. I haven’t decided yet what car I am going to buy, but for sure I had a great time with my friends designing cars! If you have free time just visit the websites and take a look. I also suggest visiting Porsche website, as they have the same features and impressive cars to design. If only we could afford it too. .


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03. We all have an opinion

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