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08. I have more Power than Superman!


Continuing the previous post, more I was reading my books and I was searching in internet, more obvious was that internet gives tremendous power to every user and if they join together everything can be possible.

I am going to use an incident I found out recently as an example. Pilot Gabriele Adelman and photographer Kenneth Adelman decided to create a site with their photographs from the entire California coastline. Some of the photos the photos was picturing Barbara Streisand’s house. The singer insisted that the photos should be removed. The publicity that statement took caused people to copy the photos and pasted in sites all over the web. Looking at Google image you can easily found on “Barbara Streisand’s house”

Now the incident is known as Streisand effect. The term is used when someone is attempting to remove something from the internet and as a result of that cause spread instead.

This incident and many other similar like this one, made me question myself were all that power came up. How so many people can gather from the entire planet and create a strong chain of power. And most important what need caused that chain? Is everything possible or there are limits?

Most authors are explaining the web 2.0 phenomenon as the combination of three things. First one the need of people to depend on each other and drawn strength from each other and the need of rebelling against institutional power. Secondly is the everyday evolving technology, the creation software of interactive tools in the web. And the last force is simply online economics, traffic equals money.

But as positivist I want to focus on the major aspect, the people. The power people can have through the web was unknown till our times. The right use can ensure that many problems in our society can be solved. Major problems like the hunger of the third world, the climate change and many more.

As the power shift hands, it doesn’t belong anymore to the few. But is it like that?

Can the people cope with that kind of power? Can we use it for best?

Every coin has two aspects, so what’s the other aspect of the coin? Who is the major enemy of the internet? In my opinion is the internet itself.

Is the internet just a tool? What’s the future impact of the web in our society?

There are many questions need to be answered, and I don’t have any answer at all. I need you to help me here… After all, the web is all about sharing ideas…



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