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07. If we are more than 257, we can start writing our book

The last week I am reading two books concerning the social media. The first one is “we-think” by Charles Leadbeater and the second is “groundswell” by Charlene Li and josh Bernoff.
Both books give you an insight for social media, how it works and why it became so essential in our everyday life. The books give you many impressing examples on how social media are used by the world and the business to evolve their communication.
The reason that attracted my attention at the first place to read these books is that both are actually written “in the web”.
What do I mean by that? The authors of both books were publishing these books chapter by chapter to their individual sites, and used the comments of the e-readers as part of the book.
Actually Charles Leadbeater in the first page of his book writes that the author of the book is himself and other 257 people. He explains later on his book that he uploaded the first draft on October 2006 and till the late 2007 he was mentioned in 250 blogs, he had received 200 e-mails from people pointing in useful information and every draft was downloaded at average 53 times a day. At the end the book title and his name in the Google search came back with 65.600 hits! What a wonderful way to write a book!
I couldn’t believe it so I just visit both Charles Leadbeater site and groundswell site ,in which you can actually see all the procedure they followed.
It is amazing how interaction and collaboration of the people create one of the biggest forms of power I have ever experienced.


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